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Just got the mike and I knew it would be a good product but I'm amazed ,its a great amp and falls short to no other class d 1500 watt amp.clamped number are not far off from an sundown 1500 and I won't say in which direction.. U.S. ftw!!!!!!!!

Team SPL Knights


Just got done installing these Awsome amplifier's in my truck. I must say very impressed. I was running old school soundstream rubicon amps. The USacustics amps didn't miss a beat. The sound quality is there. The bass is tight and accurate. Mike runs cool and the class D doesn't drain my system . Worth every cent.

Jeff Harris


Great amps..hopefully this new designed will be the same.....new edition looks like the hifonics..hopefully it wont be as wack as them too.. Im currently running 2 15s cvx..on this amp.. One to each channel Since i didnt buy it new Hopefully some will tell me how to run at 1ohm.

Samie Torres


Took a gamble with a new company and its been nothing but smiles from day 1. Barbara Ann and Mike have proven themselves. I've been beating on them non stop to the max and they never let me down. Mike is powering my two 8" sundown sa8 v3 at 1ohm and it slams so hard for two 8's. Very clean power. I will buy keep supporting US Acoustics

Charlie Yang


Just purchased this amp to try it out, been running old school alpine, Rf's amps. Heard about these new line amps built by the best in the industry MIKE... I love the old days. Got this amp hooked up w some McLaren audios 8in. Mids and tweets Boy just BADDASS!!! CLEAN CRYSTAL Power sound I'm impressed w the genius Thanks to Mike... I'm recommending as many people as I can and purchasing more I want to be a dealer and sell these there at a Great price that people can afford very heavy amps as well w extra high amp fuses lol..

Kent Friesen


This is by far one of the amps I've owned in the 25years I been BANGING!! Ive had many punch amps that I've paid more Money 4 that can't take the beating my us acoustics amp does!!I've owned my amp for 8years and she never let's me down!!! Thank you, US ACOUSTIC,!!

Blane Rix


Glad to see you all are back! It is heart warming to see foundation brands I grew up with back on the market and maintaining a high standard which we loved and lost to the marketing machine over the years.

Arvind Singh

us acoustics review

I'm running two dvc american bass 12's in a slot port box tuned for 32htz I have 4 soundstream reference series 6.5's with crossovers and two soundstream tweeters I hope to purchase another us acoustics amp for the component speakers soon I'm running a alpine headunit All these goodies are in a 2000 jeep grand cherokee If anyone sees this & is thinking of buying a us acoustic amp Do It ! Hands down best amp I've ever ran, sq ,power and efficient your only complaint will be for not buying one sooner !

John Devine



Matt M, Rincon, GA

.... Very clean sound, very good on mids and highs. I have had a few of these. Much better than many of the newer amps ...

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US Acoustics is one of the best money can buy. Love them so much I have three and very under rated! US Acoustics is some of the best amps money can buy at a very cheap price for what you get.

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Some people think they're very desireable. I have a 4065 in an old install and it still rocks after 8 years or so. Never tested it for rated, but I have no reason to doubt the specs. Good clean power.

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I brought a US acoustic 2080 back in 2002, this amp has proven to be very reliable, and tough. First I used it in bridge (280 Watt RMS) mode to drive two 10" Rockford Fosgate Punch 8ohm subs wire in parallel to create a 4 ohm load. Now Im using it to drive one 12" kenwood also in bridge mode 4ohms (280 watts RMS). Make sure you use 8 gauge power wire for the POS and NEG. I have now own this amp for 11 years and I believe it was manufactured in 1999 or 2000, never had any problems just good, clean, and reliable power. The best ways to tell the quality of amp is using these specs, S/N signal to noise should be above 90db the 2080 is 101db, Damping Factor should be above 90 the 2080 is 95 the best amps will usually be from 150 to 200, Total harmonic distortion should be lower than 0.1% the 2080 is 0.01%. The best feature about the 2080 and amps made during this time period is that they were design to produce there continues RMS at 12.9 Volts were as most alternators will produce voltages from 14 to 14.5 volts. This means the power rating of the 2080 is actually underrated, this amp is actually producing closer to 320watts (4ohm) bridged and 100 watts(4ohm) per channel in 2 channel mode at 14.4volts (when the car's engine is running)

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Clean quality, excellent value

Supremely clear signal, 3yr warranty, low price, Hi/Low crossovers on all channels.. If you have an aftermarket deck and need clean power and reliability, look no further. I've been a 3 year owner and a 3 year fan of this amp.

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Stunning performance... Big, clean power output with a penny-pincher pricetag backed by an outstanding warranty makes this one a no-brainer: Suggested to everyone.

What can I say about the US acoustics channel amplifier? Well, realistically, what can't I say about it?!? Good things, that is.

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Great on mids and highs...dialed in crossover points preamp out.. I would reccommend buying because it has a great sound and it's a true value. It easily performs as well as others costing 2 and 3 times as much.

This amp is a superb value... I had seen the brand in a couple of car audio shops and one of the shops just swore by them. They used US Acoustics as their premier line replacing Audiobahn... The amp does the job very nicely. I crossover the front at around 100hz and the rear at around 150hz. The sound is "Crystal" clear...(notice the reference to the component set) and the amp sounds better than previous Sony and Rockford Fosgate setups I have used...

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Very good amps!

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The US Acoustics gives you the most for your money. It is a 4 channel amp with built in electronic crossovers. The built in 24 db/octave low pass crossover sounds much better than amps with more shallow crossovers. It helps keep your sub from sounding "klunky". It is a good value, but not "cheap". The finish and quality are good...

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This amp out tops the market. The price for this amp is un comparable to any other amp in this league. It out performs better the others. I have won two comps with these amps baking up my wall of sups and mids. I blow away the comp and I bet I paid half as much as they did for their amps. The truth is that these amps are stylish too. So no one's going to frown when they are checking out your new system. How dependable you ask - very dependable. The most dependable amp I have own... if you want the best priced performance amp on the market, this ones for you. i would not lie.

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A Very Respectable Mid and High Amp

Outstanding quality and Sound Reproduction. The US Acoustics is the amp to get if your looking to drive a set of mids and highs. The very high signal to noise ratio give you ear pleasing highs and studio quality mids. It can also be a decent one sub amp is ran mono because you get about 240 watts continuous at 4 ohms which is sufficient enough for the average beginner. If your looking for a very reliable starter amp then get the USX2080. It won't drain your battery or wallet. It's stable at 12.9v or the average power that is delivered from your battery. So you get stability as well as super sound quality and efficiency. After you start your car you get even more power because the amp is happy at 12.9v and it will get 14.4v after the alternator starts turning which gives you more bass output and higher watts. Now stability shoots through the roof. So if efficiency is what your car craves and unbelievable sound reproduction is what you need then go to your local dealer and ask for the USX2080. Your wallet will smile with a full set of teeth(Money).

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Rock Hard Efficiency and Supurb Sound

So Efficient It Eats The Competition For Lunc. The USX2100 is one heck of an efficient amp. It is also very affordable which usually isn't the case. It also has an incredible signal to noise ratio that allows it to produce astounding sound in both realms of the frequency spectrum.

When I say rock solid I mean that the amp can be run directly from the battery alone and you still get peak performance because of it low voltage functioning capability(12.9v). The bass only gets better when your vehicle is started because of the extra voltage from your alternator, which is around 14.4 V. So no quality is compromised due to the car not being running.

The highs and mids also come through shinning crystal clear because of the high signal to noise ratio. Smooth, low, and strong bass is generated at the greatest of ease at any volume. Don't be afraid to push this little bad boy into overdrive because its stable at about 1.5 ohms stereo at 14.4v.

Quality is what you get and amazing sound that soars to the limits with the USX2100.

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A large amount of wattage, clean sound, solid build, useful features, and a low price.

Overall, I have found this amplifier to be everything that I wanted, at a price that did not bother me at all.

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Unless you're looking to spend a ton of money, you won't find anything better.

It's crossovers cut cleaner, allowing a better frequency break between my 6.5/1 components in the front and my single 10" subwoofer in the hatch (I don't run rears). The soundstage this amp helps set up is worlds better than amps costing much more.

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This amp is an absolute steal for the money. It provides my Audiobahn AW1000x in a .65^3 sealed box with more bass than I can stand. I have it run at 2 ohms, with as the specs say its around 300 watts...but I've read that real numbers into 2 ohms are around 375 to 400. That amp is extremely small and takes up no space. The is also all digital so it is very efficient and only has a 20 amp fuse. The specs on the amp when compared to other models are the same or exceed all of the more expensive CLASS D counterparts.THis amp might be a alternative to bassheads who have consistent altenator problems etc.....VERY LOUD.....GREAT AMP......I would rate it considerable better than the Punch amp I used previously.

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I have a USG 3000 D in my custom bronco motivating two MTX 9500 subs, I am so pleased with this setup at 1 ohm I can hardly contain myself!! I drive into parking lots and car alarms go off everywhere! Old people just stare in open mouthed awe, and everybody looks because this amp just freakin POUNDS. It never gets hot, I have abused it thouroghly and never had any issues...

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I've been running the 4085 as an amp for 6.5" door speakers and 6"x9" rear deck speakers for about a month now. Power is good, as is sound quality. Amp is bolted to the top of my trunk between the 6x9's and runs fairly cool, even at high volume levels for extended periods of time. For it's power output it is smaller than others in it's class, nice if mounting space is limited. As the reviewer below says, the amp is susceptable to noise from the RCA input lines. This is evident as alternator whine when the amp is at 0 volume from the head unit, with a CD player or FM radio signal even at low volume, no noise. Also when I listen to my local low powered AM college radio station, the amp would emit a noisy howl when driving under bridge decks. The AM howl was eliminated and the alternator noise reduced 50% with a pair of ground loop isolators (extra $25 though)on the RCA input lines as they enter the amp. I'd try surpressing the rest of the alternator by using a supressor that runs through the positive cable,but haven't found any rated for the amps that this unit is rated at. Most of the higher priced amps have good noise filtration circuitry built in avoiding these add ons afterward. Another minor negative is that the amp doesn't doesn't have a "soft start" circuit and does have an audible pop or thump when it turns on. I've had other amps years ago that did this as well. Gain and high/low pass filters are straight forward and precise although they need a small screwdriver to adjust. A set of pre-amp outputs for adding another amp is nice touch,save me from running another set of speaker wires to my sub amp. All in all I like the amp and would consider buying from US Acoustics again.

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Great amp, very versitle. I have run this amp as purely highs and mids, then as purely subs (3 mtx 4000 12's), then a combo and finally as purely subs again with 2 mtx 4000 12's. Through 5-6 competitions on in 85-90 degree weather this thing pumped flawlessly never over heating, never even broke a sweat. I run full gain pedal to the metal. Take a look at the fuse rating on the side this will tell you that it puts out what it says it will.

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This is an absolutely wonderful low priced amp. It makes good, clean power and has very little to complain about. Unless you''re willing to step price WAY up, this is the amp for you.

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